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Meet Kate

Kate Sullivan is a mixed media artist based in Minnesota and Florida. She enjoys working in many mediums using a variety of techniques.  Kate uses heavy layers of acrylic, oil, spray paint, inks, paper, glass, glitter, copper, and golden foils to create the illusionary effect she imagines.

Kate’s inspiration comes from the women she meets and works with.  She uses these encounters to build personality in the artwork she creates. 

You can find her work on her website, social media or contact her personally.

From a young age, Kate began dedicating her life to the creative arts. Over the years, Kate has owned a children's entertainment company, a theater, and a costume shop. She attended school at the Minnesota Design Institute to study fashion and costume design and most recently, she completed formal art training with the Milan Art institute. On top of all this, Kate has been the owner and  "ringmaster" of Afton’s Art Alliance, formally known as Afton’s Old School Art Studio in Minnesota for over 10 years.  There she teaches classes and organizes events for the community throughout the summer months.  During the winter you will find her creating artwork in her private studio in Southwest, Florida.


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