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A Visions just a vision if it’s only in your head. Part 2

I blew it! My three hour time limit. I got most of the cover Done in the three hours but not the rest. it’s funny how I started out with a blank page, in my head and on the board. I had no idea what or where to start. I began just layering on handmade papers. I liked the moon that was on the album and thought I would leave that In. But in the end it got covered up. A favorite song of mine is from Sundays in the Park with George. called Putting it together. A line from the song that Barbara Streisand made popular was a visions just a vision if it’s only in your head. So that’s what inspired me to do a head with inspiration lines for me to follow popping out of my head. To help it go faster I made a photo copy of a picture of me and used carbon paper to draw in the eyes, face shape, lips, etc. then I painted it in adding more trim paper to look like confetti coming out of a popper. After that I went through the magazines and found some words a quotes. And here we are. I just played and let the creativity flow just doing what I felt drawn to do. I plan on finishing it this week. I’m thinking I may make a game board out of the middle and storing the pieces where the album itself is. what did you all do this week? Please share and inspire us with your projects!


next week…. Keep creating!

xoxo -Kate

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