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#1 House of the HeART

I love to paint from soul and I often use past experiences to create works of art. My hose of the heART started as a journal entry. As a child I felt insecure, alone and afraid much of the time. We moved a lot and my security was my Grandmothers house.

I started with choosing three colors and intuitively started painting in the background. When I was satisfied how the colors lay on the paper I chose another color and painted in a shape of a house. After it dried a bit I Journaled some feelings about the house I felt safe in. The song "Over the River and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go......." Was my promise of warmth and security.

I then painted warm light highlights meaning the lights are always on for me.I topped it off with three hearts which is a symbol for me.More about symbols in another post. One of my Grandmothers montras was "Just wing it"!When I was afraid or

worried I couldn't do something she would repeat those words to me.So I added the butterflies as a symbol to remind myself that I am free to fly high in the sky, and not to let my dreams go by.

The fun thing about Soul Painting is the messages you receive during and after the process If you look closely you will see the paint spells out the word JOY.

The title for this work is “The house that brings me Joy

I ‘ve modifies this technique into a class that I teach. If you are interested in joining an existing class or would like to schedule one with me go to the Learn from Me page and sign up or register for our email to learn of the upcoming courses.

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