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#2 The Power of Color, Spirit Animals and Symbols

Color is a powerful tool. It can captivate and excite us. I am intrigued by color. It has always been my inspiration. From the bright vibrant hues to the soft foggy pallets. Color creates magic within me. Primary shades of Red, Blue, and yellow become shades of scarlet, ruby, teal, fiery orange, diamond, and emerald. Whatever my imagination can ponder I can create it. I often write a story to go with my paintings he is a sample of one of my journeys while I paint. I felt this painting take me on a magical adventure which led me in to self-discovering the beauty and power that color and light can have upon us how it can heal us and give us strength to lift us to our greatest heights.

Color Me Beautiful ~ A tale of imagination by Kate Sullivan

As Lizzie ran her soft hand across the cool stone archway, she could feel the magic of her ancient ancestors. She felt the symbols they left behind for her to discover. The Blue Bird, the magic 888, the cow, the Rosary, the three inspirited hearts. they were all there as she imagined they would be. When suddenly the palm of her hand fell into a space, it was a handprint imbedded in the stone hundreds of years before her. She instantly felt the energy of her past. The gifts of the women before her shooting into her very soul as if the new the path they were on.

Now her hand made perfect contact, the door began to open if like magic she felt it welcome her through. As Lizzie found herself staring into the depth of a dark passageway, it slowly came alive with a cosmos of incredible colors. Slowly she stepped into the passageway and into the portal of color. She felt a familiar belonging and instantly knew she was safe and protected, free of any fear. Suddenly, a gust of strong wind swirled through the tunnel and a huge white majestic beast appeared, His long iridescent shiny fur shimmering in the air like puffy white clouds on a breezy day. He landed directly in front of her he had large piercing golden eyes that seemed as if she was flooded in a golden waterfall of light. After what seemed like forever, she came to her senses and suddenly asked the beast why he was there. He replied, his name was Elijah, He explained to her that he was her spirit animal, her companion, and was there to protect her and guide her through her journey. He then motioned with a nod of his head for her to hop on. Lizzie felt safe and climbed effortlessly onto his shiny, soft white back. And Elijah lifted effortlessly despite his weight and size and proceeded to glide silently through the tunnel of color.

Suddenly, transparent colored crystal bubbles began to appear all around them. They were seen in her head while sleeping or meditating. She felt completely captivated in their presence and was wondering where they might be headed Elijah cleared his throat as if he knew exactly what she was thinking explained that they were on the other side of the rainbow. He said it was where all souls resided after they left earth. It is where they gather to reunite with souls that they have been involved with and to evaluate their lives while they were on earth. As Lizzie looked around in amazement. she noticed more than just the color and the shiny orb like balls floating above, below, and next to her. The whole area as far as the eye could see were birds. Birds of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Many of her favorite variety were gathered in a circle. As she gazed at the in awe they parted as if to invite her into the center. Heaven was a burst of color, happiness, vibration, and song. Her surroundings seemed to all turn red. Not the red one would see but a shining bright iridescent red. A red, one could only imagine. Elijah explained that all humans are made up of energy and color, that there were seven promenade colors but many more expand from the human body. Red is called the root Chakra. It is in the human body just below the tailbone. It is our grounding color. It is the source of love which connects us to our creator.

Miraculously orange orbs, clear transparent orange, like the color of an orange, but shiny and sparkly began to appear. They were whizzing past us at a great speed. Raphael explained that orange is the sacral chakra and is situated in the lower abdomen, in the pubic bone area. Therefore, it is the sexual center and the primary source of creativity. It is also the color of success and self-respect. Out of nowhere, in the mists of the distance, yellow orbs began to appear. Orbs of light, not the light you can see, but orbs of light such as those that have never been seen before. Before we knew it, the Cosmos was filled with yellow light, as far as the eye could see. Puzzled, Lizzie looked at Elijah and noticed that his eyes seemed to take on the same color yellow. Elijah explained Yellow is the color all humans and souls alike possess. It is the color of sight. and is associate with charging, sun, bright fire, and high volume of energy that is essential to the body when you have a sense of confidence in the body the yellow chakra enables the human to feel cheerful, energetic with a warming joyful effect on the mental state of the body. This Chakra is located from the navel to the breastbone.

For what seemed to be an eternity, neither Elijah nor Lizzie said a word and the yellow orbs disappeared back into the distance.And the Cosmos seemed to turn green. A brilliant emerald green and Lizzie was fascinated at the many different green color shades that surrounded them. Elijah seemed in quiet contemplation.Lizzie was hesitant to ask but could hold her tongue no longer.' Elijah, tell me what is green signify?Oh my, was his answer, He said it was his favorite color to meditate on.He explained it has huge impacts on human beings’ relationships. Therefore, it is called the Heart Chakra and is responsible for all types of relationships, including love and marriage as well as, distrust, unfaithfulness, and envy. When there is a break in a long-term relationship usually the heart chakra is involved. The heart chakra is also associated with earth and nature and is believed to bring wholesomeness into our lives.

As Lizzie and Elijah silently contemplated the effect of green chakra, quietly which started like a whisper and grew slowly louder and louder the birds started to sing. Soon it was as if all sorts of beautiful chatter could be heard all around them. the chatter was so loud that Lizzie had to lean close into Elijah's ear and inquire, "What is all this chatter about?" Elijah to be heard had to heighten his voice with a deep earthy response. He explained the Bluebirds that carry blue are associated with the throat Chakra and is associated with the human being’s ability to communicate with other people as well as the ability to listen. When the throat chakra is in balance humans can express their feelings efficiently though communication, using a pleasant voice. It also improves the artistic and spiritual abilities in our bodies.

Lizzie had lost all sense of time. She was so immersed into this adventure and the messages she was receiving that time just didn't seem to matter anymore. When POP, just like that she saw a color the color between blue and purple. It was a knowing color. She felt it in every gland and muscle of her body. Katherine suddenly had the sense of thought and intuition in the body. She instantly knew the color indigo was associated with the third eye, located between the eyes. It enables human beings to see more clearly and to see the bigger picture by imagining in the third eye.

As they drifted, relaxed and in awe a seventh color began to emerge. This color was violet in color and was associated with enlightening your spiritual connections to other individuals and higher beings. The color violet is in the crown of your head and when in balance an individual can have great capabilities in performing miracles and doing many extraordinary things.

Katherine felt so calm and at peace. A feeling she hadn't experienced since in her mother's womb. She didn't ever want to leave. This is where she belonged. Just as she was thinking that Raphael explained that Katherine was to go back to earth, armed with confidence and tools, she was to teach love, inspiration, and creativity to others. She was to share with the humans that love is the most powerful energy and without love no soul can exist either on earth or in the other world. Her path was to show others that they all carry love and a creative soul within them. that they all have a higher purpose and to take time to discover their higher purpose and not to fear that purpose but to go forth with energy and happiness. She was to share that this can all be obtained if their chakra system is aligned and to spread the world of color with everyone.

So, with this new knowledge, Lizzie slides off of Elijah's back, and picked up her brushes as she hugged and with a whisper in his ear, said thank you to Elijah, so with a kiss and a wave stepped back through the portal and the door quietly replaced the opening. Ending her journey.... OR did it?

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