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The healing power of art and creativity

Art brings out what is within. It is a way to communicate, express and heal yourself. Using artistic methods to treat emotional distress and psychological disorders such as anxiety, stress and depression can promote a calming relaxing effect. It allows you to focus on something else, and with regular practice creativity helps people explore and express their emotions and boosts their self esteem.

The objective of creativity is to enable people to explore and discover themselves while developing self awareness as they tap into the creative process. Through the art of creating you can reflect and analyze how you feel therefore manifesting a positive effect on your mental health. Art is a great way to communicate your sentiments in a non-verbal way because it forces you to forge a connection between your mind and your heart.

A variety of art methods or combinations of methods ranging from drawing , painting, coloring, doodling, collage, journaling, sculpture, and fiber arts. Even gardening and cooking are creative endeavors that can benefit people of all ages. Whatever the method, creative activity benefits all ages.

Creative art activities is not about becoming a great artist. It is about discovering yourself and connecting with your emotions. It's about enjoying the journey of self discovery while clearing our emotional obstacles and teaching yourself to communicate with yourself and others. It's about letting yourself go, releasing yourself into the project and you never know where that can lead you!

Please feel free to share your creative activity or activities that you find relaxing and

inspiring with us. And if you don't know one or where to start you've come to the right place.

Next week we will have a special guest. My daughter Jenny Lynn. She has created

her own style of an art journal which she is so kind to share with all of you.

Create on, my friends


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