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January 12, 2023

Happy 2023!!!

For over a year now I have been giving out prints of my paintings in the form of a business card. Each painting that I created was for a set of Positive Guidance Cards, so I thought it would be a good idea to hand them out or have a friend or potential client pick one. Then I would read the card as to what I felt was a positive message for them. The idea was such a big hit that I have been putting the readings on my website. Plus it draws attention to my site and helps promote all the fun creative activities we have done or are about to do.

You ask “What are Positivity Guidance Cards?” PGC cards are in a nutshell are Oracle Cards or Angel Cards. They are not Tarot Cards, Tarot Cards help with reading your future. PGC’s are a tool to lean on for gentle reassurance or inspiration to guide you in a positive direction. Positive Guidance Cards can be used whenever you feel the need to. I like to use them everyday in the morning to get answers, motivation and positivity as I begin my day. It also helps raise my vibration spirituality and mentally. Or, you can use them when you're feeling negative or a little off. It’s also a great tool for self reflection and manifesting the path you are on.

The way to get an accurate reading from your card or cards is by connecting your energy to the card. Focus on yourself and imagine a beam of light energy radiating from the deck or the card. You want the card to feel completely yours and completely connected to you. Then look at the card. Notice the symbols and the colors. What do they say to you? If you’ve had a question in your head, how does the card relate to the answer. Some questions you may have while sending your energy to the card may be,

What do I need to know?

Tell me about my love life.

Am I on the right path in my life?

Am I handling a situation correctly?

Should I take action on a situation?


Or, simply let the card speak for itself.

If you refer to the back of the card and you wish you can go to my website for some help interpreting the card. You're more intuitive than you realize.

Here is an example of one of the cards. I created this painting a couple years ago. The original is on a 24 x 36 inch wood panel. When I begin an intuitive painting I start with a meditation. Meditating is super powerful in connecting to your higher self and higher powers. Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual practice. It’s basically a practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. You release all judgment as you connect deeper with the spark of spirit and your innate wisdom.


If you have been given this card or picked it out of the deck you are in luck. The rainbow represents a new beginning with much success. “ Make those wishes for them to come true. As there are many doors opening for you.” You have the ability to paint your life in a colorful way. Celebrate your success with childlike abandonment. There is much to be happy about. You will be making many connections that will last your lifetime. And keep those you love close to your heart!

Blessing All


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