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March 14, 2023 - Your card for the day

I started creating these Positive Guidance Cards around 2019. My goal is to have a 44 deck set. PGC's are a great tool for self reflection and encourages creativity. How you use this card and receive an accurate reading, is to sit quietly and imagine a ray of light emanating from the card as you look and reflect on the images. You can then read the card yourself without my guidance. Notice the symbols and colors and what is happening in the card. You can ask questions of the card for answers. For example: Am I on the right Path? Or What do I need to know today? Or, Am I handling a situation correctly? Then sit back and reflect. You will be surprised, magic happens and you see your answers.

For extra guidance I've provided a written description of what the card is generally saying and you interpret the words yourself.

I've also included guidance words and a creative journaling activity. Which brings you deeper into the meaning.

“Goldfish Bowl”

Are you swimming in circles and feel you have outgrown your current environment?

With an air of positivity It is time to be brave and determined. Keep pushing forward, despite the opposition. No matter how small your bowl may seem. Start to envision what you want to experience. You have so much to offer the world, don’t let your constraints keep your desires contained. If you can imagine it, you can conquer it.

Freedom - perseverance - fun loving - communication - peacefulness - warmth - friendships - calmness

Creative Journal Activity - Using any mediums you like, create a page or a two page spread of what your life would look like if in a different environment. Examples: You live in a subzero place and you are dreaming of sunshine, what would that look like for you? Or you're stuck in a rut ( Fishbowl) at work and you want a different job. Create what that job would look like. Draw or paint it out or use magazine cutouts, stencils, art papers, add words and quotes or free write a paragraph. So many things you can do, but remember to swim free and have fun.

"CREATE ON", my friends


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