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52 Shades of Creativity

Journal Jamming #1

When I first started Art Journaling in 2014. I was paralyzed in grief. A friend of mine suggested I start to journal. She explained the many good things that happen inside of

you when you keep a journal. She told me that studies have shown that journaling lowers stress, improves your mind and even helps your body heal faster. Recording your life in a journal helps to slow down and experience the world around you in new and creative ways.

I took her advice and purchased two journals while traveling through Tennessee. I began writing. At first I just wrote what came to my mind. Then I started writing about my anger and soon I began writing about my memorable moments, even adding favorite recipes.

And, it wasn't long before I began sketching and painting, gluing and collaging and experimenting with just about anything I could find to express my feelings onto the page.

I found that writing, drawing and painting tended to engage the right side of my brain. Combining all these techniques greatly enhanced

my journaling experience. When I was journaling it amazed me at how I started to notice the small details that surrounded me. It allowed me to take a breather from life, as I lost track of time and noticed the little moments I might of otherwise overlooked.

If you believe that art journaling is only for the artistically inclined you couldn't be more mistaken. An art journal is a record of your life. You can share it with family and friends or keep it to yourself.

Now, let loose! Experiment with combining art and words in your journal and you will create a special record that can guide and enrich your life in many ways.

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