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A Visions just a vision, if it's only in your head!

Vision Boards or Dream Boards are a manifestation of your goals and are used to motivate you to bring them to life. It's also one of the best ways to create "the law of attraction".

Creating a vision board is more than merely cutting out magazine pictures, creating a beautiful collage. It's a creative process and a powerful visualization tool that help you narrow down your desires, while setting clear goals and intentions.

While you may want to drag out your vision board over a few weeks or days I don't recommend it with your first one. I suggest you set aside about 3 hours This will help your mind zero in on the things it wants as soon as it sees it.

Create an environment to help your inspiration flourish. Light a candle, put on your favorite music, set out your supplies. Grab a favorite beverage, take a deep breath, relax and write out an intention. I can be put right on the board itself or you can journal it. If you write it on the board be sure to take a photo of it for reference later because the intention may get covered up.

Start with your magazines. I suggest going through each one twice. Whenever you see a photo or words that spark you, tear it out. Just rip out the whole page and once you have a pile of inspiration, Once you have a pile of inspiration, spend a few minutes focusing on photos and words that really call to you. If you come across ones that don't spark your original intention, ditch it. From the pile of keepers, start making smaller piles.

Putting it together.....

Take the time to arrange your images that you have selected on your board, without actually gluing them to it just yet. Now start asking your board questions. It may seem strange to you but your board will start to feel like a mirror, reflecting back to you what it wants. Ask your board how it feels, what images is it most calling out for, How is the board feel, how is it making you feel. You may feel some resistance in a part of your board. Lean into it and make tweaks. If you have any optional supplies you would like to add now is the time to include them. Maybe its some personal images or statements or it could be some fancy hand made papers or ephemera. The sky's the limit whatever you feel let it explore all the possibilities. When looking at your board and if you see what you want looking back at you. Glue everything down. You can always add or delete images and pieces if they no longer serve you or leave your board as it is. It can serve as a record keeper of your life. Keeping it where you can see it on a regular basis to keep you inspired and act on your goals.

And, if you don't meet every single goal on your board, you can always mark it as a work in progress and start a new board with new goals,


Scissors, tape, glue, magazines, your own photos, papers, personal items that spark and emotion or remind you of happy memories or relate to your goals. Words, letters, ticket stubs, receipts, recipes, brochures, ephemera, etc..

A couple things to consider. Do you like color or are you more monochrome? Do you have favorite colors you want to incorporate? Do you connect more with words or just photos or both. Do you want a full board with no background or a background? ( If you want a full board with lots pieces, place the larger pieces in the background.

Physical board can be anything. A foam board, canvas, wood board, a cereal box or other box can be left as is our cut out a piece. In the samples I used old record cases. I like to use those as while creating them they work as a sleave for supplies. I can also add and remove like a sort of time capsule you could say.

So, You've finished creating the most beautiful, inspiring and aesthetic Vision Board and now how do you use it?

First you will need to connect to your board. Connecting to your board will look and be different for every person. Connecting is very important and will optimize your visualization power. While you can still display your board as art on the wall, you will still need to create a connection in order for it to serve it's purpose.

Place your board where you can see it everyday, somewhere calm and a place you can relax in. If you enjoy music you can play some softly in the background. Light a candle. If you enjoy aromatherapy put that out. Now, sit back relax and while looking at the board think of happy memories, after a while start visualizing and achieving your goals and believing your visions are possible. That's it. Don't get overwhelmed, it takes practice and trial and error but soon you will receive the possibilities of your vision board. Studies have proven visualization impacts processes in the brain like motor control, perception, planning and memory. This enhances motivation, increases confidence and will improve performance. You cant get this wrong.

All you have to do is begin!

Happy Creating


NEXT WEEK...... thoughts, tips and tricks from what I learned in creating my Vision Board!

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