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Getting busy in 2023

Hi friends

I’m in a year long on line art program called “Paint your Heart and Soul 2023” with Olga Furman. In the 1st lesson we did a deconstruct project called Artistic Freedom with Russel Miyaki

Russell Miyaki is a contemporary artist, creative director and designer in New York city. Born and raised in New Mexico. Went to school in Colorado graduating with honors, and majoring in advertising design and illustration. Throughout his career he has worked for several design studios and advertising agencies winning his share of industry awards and being recognized by American Illustrator as a winner in the AI-AP 40 Showcase. His exhibitions have been in galleries in Paris and throughout the US.

The inspiration behind the art in this course is to marry consumerism and art. By taking everyday consumer products and applying artistic freedom to change it’s appearance. I’m not sure I did what was expected because I had to add something that was a focal point in my style. It was fun playing with paint and layers using a tool to take paint off, writing and scribbling. And some other fun techniques. My substrate for this project was a cereal box.

Here is my final product …

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