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Kate Sullivan

Artist, teacher, and creative coach

Intuitive Gypsy Boho Art

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This style of painting goes by many names. Soul Painting, Intuitive Painting, Expressive Painting etc.  No matter what it is called I paint spontaneously with childlike intention. It is a way to connect with my inner self and journey into the invisible world of soul and spirit. In this process I usually don’t focus on the outcome of the painting.  My paintings allow me to connect on a more profound level, expanding and strengthening my intuition.  By connecting deeper to my source, I am led to a positive experience while trusting my own internal guidance.

Before beginning I use a guided meditation and prayer to connect with the divine presence and unconditional love of spirit. I pay close attention to the energies.  I open my heart and listen to my intuitive voice.  I let go of control and engage in the process without judgement. The finished product is what is important.  My hope is that you receive the message that is most healing and serves you as part of your soul collective. The meaning and the messages that come through are intended to bring you joy and contribute to the advancement of your own consciousness.