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Colorful Lights
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My Muse of Many Colors – by Kate Sullivan

My Muse came to me as a surprise

She made me open my eyes

For those dreams they do come true

Dreamers always do choose the dreams

For you to do…

Some were rich and some were tall

Some were short and very small

Some had large eyes and were so wise

Others were closed and I wasn’t surprised

For they were all ultimate in design

 I kept those and made them mine

Soon my muses were on the wa

It was not alarming after all

I knew my fear was all gone

Buying art is not wrong

And now I know that I belong

Because my walls are full of color.

I can’t even remember a time when my brain wasn’t thinking.  In my opinion that’s what creativity is.  It is imagination, it is creating from the invisible ~  what we imagine we create.  You were born with imagination.  Everything you do you have imagined.  Our creator who “created us in his image” points that out to us.  He created us! So, if he created us in his image then we would be born creators.  It’s that simple.

All of my life I just knew how to do things creatively.  Some things I had a better understanding of and others I had to put effort into.  For example, I started sewing and creating clothing in high school.  But, long before that I created garments in my imagination.   I would look at clothing and just know how it was constructed.  I would draw paper doll fashions in one dimension but I knew how it would fit together.  Both my grandmothers sewed most of their clothing, and mine too! I watched and picked up some ideas but honestly my knowledge goes much deeper.  My father would tell me his mother would go off to the fabric store on a Saturday morning, return, sew all day and wear her garment to dinner that evening.  I can’t tell you how many times I have done that! 

Things come naturally to me in all mediums.  I have seen color in my imagination all my life.  I have felt the glass and the sounds of glass cutting long before I picked up a glass cutter.  I started working with glass in my early 20’s in my basement with no instruction.  I just knew.  Other mediums that I have less knowledge in I had to learn to work with, but the creating part came naturally.


We inherit skin, eye, weight and other features.   Researchers have recently discovered we inherit diseases and mental disorders.  Why can’t we inherit creativity  So, lets go back to my first statement, “HE CREATED US IN HIS IMAGE”  Who created us, God, Yesua, your higher source…  whoever you believe it is we were created. And, we were created in his image.


Artist Statement

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